Orlando Area Student Intern Society

The Orlando Area Student Intern Society is a unique “semester” housing program.
OASIS offers safe, convenient and affordable housing in “The City Beautiful” Orlando’s downtown district, close to the resorts/attractions, and throughout Central Florida.   OASIS is a thoughtful choice for students who desire a location close to work, transportation, entertainment and the overall Central Florida experience.

Move-in is easy!  The OASIS program offers fully furnished, all inclusive housing to interns from across the country and around the world. Just bring your clothes, computer and alarm clock.

It’s an exciting time to be in Orlando!    Meet others and make friends for life...

OASIS interns work in a variety of fields ranging from business, science, medicine, sports, agriculture, arts & theatre, hospitality, engineering, law, culinary, local and state politics, entertainment, event planning, horticulture, marine biology, fashion, marketing, music, etc...

and for a several organizations such as; SeaWorld, City of Orlando, Florida Hospital, Marriott Hotels, Disney World, Lockheed Martin, World Publications, the Orlando Magic, Save the Manatees, US Customs, the Orlando Sentinel, World Trade Center, Senator Bill Nelson, EPA, Kaiser Family Foundation, INROADS, Charlie’s Steak House, Annie Russell Theatre, etc...


Orlando Area Student Intern Society
P.O. Box 1551
Orlando, FL 32802
Phone: 407- 237-3057
Fax: 407-237-3058

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Orlando Area Student Intern Society